A bientot, cher Paris!

Today, in an hour, I’m leaving Paris, my dear, beloved city.

Time in Paris is always amazing. Here I live a full colourful life. Here I breath. In Paris I dance every day – because I’m happy.

I love my dear friends. They are people whom I always miss dearly and wish to see as soon as possible.

Thank you, dear Amalia, you do so much for me. I can’t wait the moment when I will see you again.

I got many new friends: among couchsurfers, musicians and artists of Place du Tertre. I will see you the next time!

This time Paris tried me not only with happiness but with ambiguous feelings. After that I could start to hate him …or love even stronger. Thank you, Paris, for this too… This memories will always mean for me much.

I’m thinking seriously about opportunities to move here for a year. I know I’ll find them because here I feel at home. And if you, my friends, know  something useful for me (like cheap studying, work opportunities, etc.), please, share: you’ll help us, me and Paris, to unit again sooner.

And I will learn French seriously. I promise.

This is the last note from Paris. Last for this year. But I’ll be back, and we’ll dance on a quay again : )

See you soon, Paris!




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