Hellish hitch-hiking

Here’re some tips about our hitch-hiking trip.

In Paris I met Lusiano – an Italian hitch-hiker from Couchsurfing.com.  For the last two years surfing is the only way I spend time in cities while travelling. But this time was the first one when I got in touch with someone in order to share way itself.

Monday, 4.07, Paris. The journey had started on the metro station “Porte d’Italie”, on the south of Paris. From the exit of the station we walked till the road to Lyon (there’re signs there – route number A6) and five minutes along it. We reached the place where the bridge was seen.  This is a point where two roads unit (one – we went along it, another one is going down from a bridge).  There was no chance to go further because in front of us were two bridges where the stop is prohibited.

A couple of minutes waiting – and we got a lift to Ivry. Guys explained us that this is much better point to catch a car to Lyon. On Ivry gas station we met a truck driver who was going the same direction. After two hours (he had a nap) we joined him and made a 4-hours fun ride with jokes in clumsy French (of crs, there was our clumsy French, not driver’s : ) Perfect!

Our truck driver told us about the theatre festival in Avignon – medieval town on the south of France.

Well, why not? So – direction Avignon!

We arrive to a pleage before Lyon around 21-00. Already quite late to get a chance for a lift but we tried. Drivers even didn’t react on my smile (yes, I was still able to smile)). And – what’s even more sad – no one from the parking was going in direction of Avignon.

40 minutes of useless and resultless attempts. We gave up and found lovely place for camping. There were toilettes on the parking and I almost took a shower. And while evening walk appeared that we have amazing neighbours: horses. So sweet  and gentle creatures!

The next day I’ll remember for  the hardest hitch-hiking I’ve ever had.

The next morning I went to check cars that were parked nearby. Under the tree I saw a hitch-hiker with a paper “SUD”.  Zeb has just arrived and, after a short talk, decided that Avingnon is not bad for him.  We shared breakfast and even made some yoga exercises (Zeb is an adept). Also Zeb showed us some magic card tricks and told a sad story of his life.

But further was not so wonderful! We waited for a lift for an hour – nice woman with full car of children brought us three to the station in Lyon. Then we got another ride to the station after Lyon. And here we were stuck for two hours.  It was hot, sun was ruthless, we were hungry. Zeb took it easy but I’m stressed Russian so – can’t be the same way for me.

Finally Zeb found a car to a town between Lyon and Avignon. After that I’ve found a lift straight to Avignon. The guy was nice but almost didn’t speak English – like most people in France : ) After two hours drive he left us on the border of Avignon where we caught a car to the central part of the city surrounded by ancient wall. Voila, we’re in Avignon!

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