About me

Hey, I’m Katya, Katy, Katerine. I’m Russian and world citizen. Our passes have crossed here, so I’ll tell you some words about myself.

When I lived on board the yacht, I was writing about sailing and sometimes for sailors. Among old posts you’ll find merry Mediterranean islands, amazing Atlantic crossing and marvellous Braziling coast. Nowadays my religion are mountains – paragliding and mountaineering. So I’ll write about that, and also about other amazing trips I’ve done.

Traveling is my life, free wind is my buddy. Gypsy or vagabond, these’re words I love to use to describe myself. I wander across the world, dance on streets of old cities, admire sunset on a mountain range. I’m a kind of “want to know everything” and “here and now”. My home is nowhere and… everywhere.

I’m in search of adventures, in love with new impressions and bright personalities, mountains and seas, skies and hidden corners.

I rock-climb and fly my glider Independence Dragon, climb mountains and sail – this is a huge part of my life.

I’m amazed by beauty of nature – my mother and keep respect to my little brothers and sisters – animals. I believe that every life on Earth is precious and can’t be replaced.

I’m professional journalist and writer. Moreover, for many years I work as a tour leader and a guide in different parts of the world.

I believe that life always goes the best way… as long as I keep this faith and follow my wind.

2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi Katya,
    I found your blog very inspiring. I’d love to contact you directly, can you please give me your email?
    Thank you, have a great weekend!
    Best regards,
    Marcela @ MaxSea International


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