Hello world!

Hello world : )

To say this is one of reasons I start a blog. But I won’t greet the internet-community only. Alive people, natural places, hectic cities will appear on these pages… later.

Soon I’m going to another journey. I listen to the wind whispering… about dancing in Paris, hitch-hiking around Southern Europe, sailing a yacht across Atlantic ocean, hitch-hiking in South America… we’ll see where it lead me afterwards. We trust each other.

In Caucasian mountains

2 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Hi Katerine! Me and my little chair have made it safely to the gate in Paris. This was the best night in a horrible airport I have ever had =) In fact, I wish the night would have been longer! I also wish you safe travels! and I hope that you have a wonderful adventure. Keep you fire buring and your light will help others find their way… Best, Best, Best, Wishes!

    Your friend,
    –“the Guy With the Little Chair”


    1. Roberto, thank you for your warm words and night full of fun! I definitely do not regret that I was stuck at “a horrible airport” : )
      Have a safe way home! Can’t wait to see you blog and keep me updated about your journeys!

      P.S. Say “hi” to the Little Chair from me ; )


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