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Beautiful dream

– I’m so jealous of losing you to this world you want so badly.

Smoke in Alps.
Sunrise in Atlantic ocean.

To possess and not be able to embrace, to admire from a distance, being a part of it. Perfect harmony and painful craving hand in hand. Isn’t that what happiness is: to desire the most what we do possess…

The shore of Norway.
Sunset in a desert Namib.

– Each time I cross the border, I lose illusions. And I move further and further in search of home.

Islands of Abrolhos, Brazil

Leaving pieces of my heart on my way, one day I won’t have any for myself. And then I will repeat my journey to collect them back…

In search of happiness that is already mine.

Hello world!

Hello world : )

To say this is one of reasons I start a blog. But I won’t greet the internet-community only. Alive people, natural places, hectic cities will appear on these pages… later.

Soon I’m going to another journey. I listen to the wind whispering… about dancing in Paris, hitch-hiking around Southern Europe, sailing a yacht across Atlantic ocean, hitch-hiking in South America… we’ll see where it lead me afterwards. We trust each other.

In Caucasian mountains