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Tango 3.0.

In Paris there’re many people dancing: hip-hop, african dances, salsa. Many people dancing tango. And they are mad about it.

Tango is a dance of Paris. Free milongas were held on Parisien quays before it had been prohibited. Dances outdoors need ensurance, and City hall is ready to sponsor it. But there’s no person who would take responsibility for events on him/herself.

But Parisiens dance: in clubs and dancing schools, on boats and squares. Yesterday in front of Basilique de Saint-Denis GOTAN project performed their “Tango 3.0“. I’m not a fan of tango. But that was awesome: passionate, fresh, powerful.

The square of the plendid gothic cathedral was a theatre of tango stories. That amazes me in Paris – how old and new, history and moment co-exist in harmony here.

It was freezing but I stayed till the end of the concert.