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Four fairy bays of Islas Baleares

We’re again in the middle of Mediterranean night, and it’s time to tell the fairy tale about Ibiza.

This Spanish island is amazingly beautiful. If to forget for a moment about entertainment industry and imagine the picturesque fantasy island – that definitely could be Ibiza.

Anchorage on Formentera - the island, neighbour to Ibiza

Cala Binirras (beach Binirras)

39°05.3848N,   001°26.4555E

In the first bay, where we stop, all was awaiting the Full moon party.

The small beach that doesn’t look like party place during the day at night is occupied by drummers. Sound of djembe is heard from far away and makes heart bit in rhythm.  At the first evening we shared barbeque on “La Palapa”, but I couldn’t stay apart of African call and rushed to the beach. There I recalled my beloved Paris and my friends from Western Africa – I miss them dearly and will be back with my djembe one day to play on steps of Sacre Coeur again.

Cala Basa (beach Basa)

38°58.1078N,   001°14.5302E

The second bay gifted me amazing snorkeling!

This was the most charming underwater garden I’ve ever seen! Like flowers and lianas, white and green sea plants cover the rocks that are dotted with numerous grottos. Fish of all sizes and colors feel themselves free and safe there, and even small jelly fishes were playing, chasing each other. I was lucky not to step on the nest of sea hedgehogs, while exploring the cave under the rocky coast.

Actually, this underwater zoo is not a wonder but usual picture for Mediterranean coast : )

In the third bay, where we stopped, Luis at the same moment noticed “features” of upcoming party.

Cala Yondal (beach Yondal)

38°51.8971N,   001°18.8630E

And he was right! The evening we spent on the beach, drinking wine on shezlongs that were more familiar to sofas. “Soft” interior and pictures on walls, green trees with sofas-bed under them created the atmosphere. But most of all we loved the toilet with warm wet towels a la Japanese restaurant!

This bar, probably, not the best place for active party people but definitely pleasant place to spent evening with friends (if ready to spend some amount of euros). And completely in style of relaxed Ibiza!

About night in “Pasha” club in Ibiza town I wrote in the previous post. The next day (after proper sleep till midday and saying goodbye to Luis and Kate) we left “The Party island” and headed to the south of Islas Baleares – the island Formentera. It welcomed us with gorgeous rocky cliffs and a shelter bay… that also served a shelter for other 56 boats! We dreamt about deserted place, but to find it on Baleares in the middle of summer is almost impossible.  So – we became 57th

Puerto El Esplamador

38°46.7990N,  001°25.6024E

I don’t remember when the last time I spent my days so lovely way. We made a walk across the park to the ancient tower on the cape of the island. “The park” on Formentera is a dry land, covered with scarce bush and grass, bordered with stone fences or natural cliffs, going down to the sea. At the entrance there’s a kind demand not to disturb local lizards.

On the way to the tower we found two charming bays. I couldn’t but make a swim a one of them. And again was lucky to avoid sea hedgehogs))

The bay of Formentera

Near the beach – dry lake with some “healthy” mud on the edge – popular touristic spot. I wonder: if this mud is really healing or people have just found another entertainment for themselves?

Dirty girl : )

Next days  visited the town nearby (as internet-addicted people can’t stay apart  of the net for a long time) and roasted on a beach for a while – another lovely leisure I haven’t done for ages.

Strong man : )

On Ibiza we rock!

100 euros per diner – yesterday I was in the most expensive restaurant in my life.

I’m on Ibiza, and we were in “Pasha”, the most fancy club of the “party” island. David Guetta, Swedish House mafia and Phil Romano perform there.

Entrance fee to the club is 50 euros. But if you order a diner in its restaurant with a bill at least 70 euros per person, access to the party is free. This is what we decided to do. We – Cris, me, Crisa’s brother Luis, Katty, Roger and Karly from our “fellow yacht” “La Palapa”.

And here we are! Yes, menu impresses but it was worth it. Definitely, the food was perfect, that confessed even my friends, more experienced in this quiestion. I recommend foie gras, sashimi and rolls. And I loved that coctail with strawberry and sake!

We spent in a restaurant… 4 hours. That was efficient time to spend “necessary” sum of 70 euros (we “made”  100 but that wasn’t prohibited : ) and discuss several lively and philosophic issues, discover photos on restaurant walls and several times visit common bathroom with sofa and people hanging out in it.

Our party has started at 2.30am. I’m not a fan of this kind of leisure. But I love new experience – and I’m on Ibiza! I loved our small company and were dancing in a crowd for two hours. The club is huge, atmospheric but – for my taste – a bit overcrowded (closer to 4am). There’re balconies, where there’s more space, and several other halls. But we had a desired to be in the centre of the party.

We left at 4.30 and slept like babies till 12.30))

What was before… ciao, Italy! 3 days of sailing without wind and – Buenos noches, Espana! Party on “La Palapa”, drum party on a beach, party on lounge in a bay… party, party – that’s really what Ibiza is about. In every shop, cafe, taxi dancing music sounds. And there’s no need to pay 50 euros per party: there’re many of them, held on beaches all around the island, for free. Will give you a couple of links in the next post : )

Hit the dancefloor and see you on Ibiza!