One waterfall that tried to reach the sky

Lemon-yellow butterflies fly across our way. They are not in time to dodge the speeding car and hit the glass, poor kamikadze.

The strict guard meets guests on the entrance to Information centre.

We drive to the center of the national park Chapada Diamantina to see one of its natural wonders. It takes us 1,5 hours. Finally, we are on place on the bottom of a huge slope. We are glad to get out of the stuffy car and start ascend.

Despite the rock that is pretty steep, we go up fast. On way outrun several touristic groups. I enjoy this fact silently – hate to trudge in a crowd.

On every step we catch shots of stunning beauty: picturesque rocks and hills, separated by valleys covered with scare greenery.

In almost an hour we reach the top but it’s just beginning. In front of us – kilometers of walk through the plateau. The only person who we meet is a vender. In the middle of nowhere he offers his “bebidas geladas” – cool drinks to exhausted after ascend tourists. I feel a bit pity about him – sitting there, fanned by winds, burnt by sun, alone, greeting rarely passing hikers.

In an hour I listen to natural sounds thoroughly, in hope to hear the sound of falling water.

But nothing.

Soon the wind brings to us sound of voices. Looks like we are close. Here’s the river that creates the waterfall, narrow stream descending to an abyss.

We are on the edge. Under our feet – grand valley, canion of Valle de Capao. Rocks like monstrous skyscrapers raise on both sides of it. Above the valley trembles a little peace of rainbow.

Flow of Cachoeira da Fumaça – Waterfall of Smoke – or disappeares far underneath, or, taken by sudden wind, raises in miriads of microscopic bubbles.

The height of the rock – 353 meters, and before discovery of Cachoeira da Araca in Amazon Smoke waterwall was believed the highest in Brazil. Hikers, who have come to admire the natural wonder, with fear reach the edge to look down.Far-far underneath there’s a tiny lake. Probably, it becomes bigger in rainy season. But now nothing disturbs its calm surface. The stream of the river is so weak that can’t reach the earth, falling into billions of drops.

Curious tourists from time to time try to climb higher on a rock, ignoring the tablet: “Nao transito” – “Don’t pass”. Responsible guides from time to time ask them out of there, explaining politely that someone not so phisically fit and fearless can fall down from the height.

But one prohibited spot I can’t but not visit – the place where the river turns into waterfall. I saw two reckless men, standing on a very edge in a cloud of water dust. To dive into magic stream of Cachoeira that, against laws of nature, flows from earth to the sky, I go too.

2 thoughts on “One waterfall that tried to reach the sky”

  1. Катюшка, здравствуй!
    У тебя появилась толпа поклонников от которых приходится неустанно отбиваться?:)
    Что-то не ответить мне на твое сообщение вконтакте – пишу сюда. Очень классный у тебя дневник, вечером обязательно поизучаю.:)

    Как это не ожидала?:) Когда-нибудь это должно было случиться!:))
    Хотя, мы особо не афишировали. Хотели вообще тихонько расписаться – и уехать в теплые страны. Но как же ж, не положено – друзья-родня обидятся. Пригласили самых близких – остальные все равно обиделись.:) Сейчас бы я сделала все по-другому.
    Нее, это не экстрим – это просто неадекват:) Любик с Лизиком устроили сюрприз – чаепитие в парке, в духе Алисы в стране чудес. Здорово получилось – если бы еще не холодная погода с дождем.. А потом еще катались на пати-басе..
    Так мы с тобой еще и в одно время на Канарах были – правда, на разных островах!:)
    Спасибо за приглашение, Катюш! Сейчас нам бюджет семейные не позволяет им воспользоваться. Хотя, если тихонечко, тайком от мужа (он на месяц в коммандировке)..;)) А сейчас вы где – уже в Бразилии? Вы как путешествуете?-Приезжаете в новое место, исследуете самые интересные места и едете дальше?


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