Nude mood in Idyllic Spain

What I was expecting from Spain? Andaluse horses, dancing on narrow streets of old idyllic towns. Romantic hidalgos, playing Spanish guitar at warmness of southern night. Passionate flamenco dancers, firing hearts with love and suffering.

Well, for this moment I haven’t found them even on pictures of ad prospects. My first impression was Cartagena  – a port, the industrial center of Eastern Spain. Cranes, fishing boats, blocs of houses.

Still I preserve my hope to find horses and guitars on the south-west from here. And thanks to Cristiano, he kindly tries to make a plan that will meet my dreams, if the weather and prices on marina allows us.

On parallel 37°59.9430N we crossed the Greenwich meridian, and our way now lays to the west.

Yesterday we were “attacked” by a small fleet of racing yachts. We were “lucky” to get on their way (it was a film shooting) and just in time run away before our ass was kicked (sorry for my French!).

When such a company rushes right on you, the first wish - to get out of here, the second - to make a good photo : )

We’re anchoring in a quite bumpy place, and “Vagabond” was sighing sadly for the whole night, because of waves, pushing him.  Anyway, the landscape is beautiful here. Moreover, yesterday we discovered something that, probably, will make me to go back to this small bay, lost between mountain edges…

On the other side of the rock, where we anchor, there is another beach, where we headed in search of internet. That beach appeared to be …a nude beach, and it was full.

From a lovely bay, created by amazing rocks, we entered the nude town El Portus!!!

Actually, this place – Natursta El Portus (region of Murcia) – is a camping, where people rent a tent, or a house on wheels, or a small simple house or come with their own staff.  Most of people here do not wear clothes. They are relaxed and friendly. Near the houses there’re beautiful flowerbeds with toys and statues, trees are decorated with colorful threads and even fenders (from where do they get so many of them? Catch from Mediterranean those that are lost by yachts?).

Fender trees that "are bred" in El Portus

We walked through clean streets, watched houses, shadowed by trees, fences, covered by flowers. Mountains protect this idyllic piece of the world with their mighty slopes.

I heard French speaking, and there’re many books in Dutch and German in a small library of the town. There I’ve found a new book to read, and Cristiano left some of Vagabond’s tonight. The evening we spent in a bar, where people come clothed and naked, even with dogs. But all of them – with good mood. In front of the bar there was a cinema session under the open sky.

Kayaking, beach volleyball, dances – this is how “natural” people spend their days.

Vibes of this place are very positive, and I would love to spend more time here. So – hurry up to write down coordinates : )

37°34.8792N, 001°04.1636W

Punto del Moco. Naturista El Portus.

Internet address:


Don’t worry, be naked))

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