About my Captain

I wrote much about beauty of Italian islands and my feelings about the cruise but haven’t written yet any words about a person, regarding to whom this trip has become a reality.

I’ve found my captain Cristiano on the site www.findacrew.com. It’s a resource for captains and those, who are searching for sailing job or opportunity. Still there’re many amateur crew members and boat-hikers.

I was searching for a boat to Middle East or Egypt and without money contribution  – hitch-hiking budget trip through Africa was my first plan. So I subscribed to newsletter. This is how I got a profile of Cristiano, who’s going completely different direction – to Brazil. It was just a curiosity to send a wave to him and see what the response will be. And I got it very soon!

We got along well through e-mails, and, despite the dream about Africa, despite necessity to contribute with money, I decided to go to Brazil.

Cris have been sailing around the world for four years. Caribbean, Galapagos islands, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, Red sea and Middle East, Mediterranean… I feel I can hear many jealous signs. Or that is just mine?

Now his way lays to Brazil, his home country. When his boat “Vagabond” will enter port of Salvador, round-the-world journey will be complete.

We met in Taormina, Sicily. My first thought, when I saw Cristiano, was:  “He’s so young!” And his sunny character is another reason for me to think like that now.  I’ve never felt so comfortable with a person that I met just several minutes ago.

And I keep this warm feeling already for a month that we sail in Mediterranean.

His boat “Vagabond” is a small world that preserves touch of so many lands that he has been to: you can find on board Australian boomerangs, Arabic  jam, Portugese books and a map of Cook island.

And now I feel that I would be ready to follow Cris to any place of the world.

Here I stop my writing, because any portrait would lack the unique personality that can’t be described.

I’m happy that my way brought me on board of “Vagabond”. One more month lays in front of us.

Sunrise on Brazilian boat

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