Wonders of the Ancient city

In each city I visit I search for something that I call – “hummer hit”. These’re architectural masterpieces that are stunning, beautiful and unique. In Rome I found a couple. They are touristic but worth visitng Rome from any point of the world.

Fontana du Trevi

Fontana du Trevi

Statues of the Fontana du Trevi step right out of an old mansion. Rocks look like a countinuation of a house itself.  I knew that we were close to this wonder, not seeing the square yet: the noise of the stream is heard from a big distance.

No matter, is it a daytime or the middle of the night, you’ll always find people around. Dozen of guards look after excited tourists, who try from time to time to dive into turquos water, or at least leave some dirt from their feet. The pool is full of coins “to be back”.

Fontana du Trevi at night

Ponte di Sant’Angelo

Ponte di Sant'Angelo

Another wonder of Roma that made my heart tremble is a bridge. Several angels statues ornate it. Ponte di Sant Angelo is a real piece of art.

Sculptures are amazing, showing gentle beauty of angels’ appearance. Each of them carry his own message to people: it’s written in Latin below each of figures. Those, who do not read in Latin, can try to guess from attributes that angels carry.

The bridge leads to the entrance of Fort Sant Angelo.

Fort St.Angelo

 Sistine Chapel – to be continued…

Another wonder – the prefect creation of a genius. I’ll write more about it in a post about Vatican.


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