City of thousand streams

Il Colosseo, or Coliseum

Rome counts not centuries but thousands of years. I guess, in theory – sums that are necessary to restore all the historic buildings of the Ancient city, it’s possible to built a new city.

Roma has only two metro lines. More romans just can’t afford not damaging an enomous historic layer. Archeological excavations  all over the cityis a feature of modern Rome.

Rome is extremely hot in summer. Small compensation for hot weather is public water. You can find it in Rome almost everywhere, at least if to speak about touristic centre. Small fountains and pots of various shapes, forms and architecture. Mostly preserved from previous centuries, they still frankly do their job. Near the Colosseo (or simply Coliseum, as it is known all over the world) we even stood in a line for a while to make a shot. Actually, being in Italy I wanted to drink all the time.  Not really pleasant feeling but finally I got used to it.

Lusiano near the historic public water spot not far from Vatican

Cats is another famous feature of Rome. But we haven’t seen many of these fluffy creatures: just several on streets. One was also noticed on a place of archeological excavation. Moreover, they established a charity project for cats and put a stand with their photos near the historic spot.

This is a parking in the centre of Rome. Wish I would have such a house : )

Anyway, all cats are scary of people in Rome. For me, who miss her cats dearly, that was a great dissapointment. Dream about hugging something fluffy and murmuring : )

Skipper and Lusien - my dear cats

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