A song for the genuis

Of course, I visited Vatican.

St.Paul's cathedral in Vatican

That was successful only after the second attempt. The first try failed: it had appeared that, to enter the main cathedral of all Catholics, I need to have my shoulders necesarrily covered. As a fully unreligious person, I forgot about it. But – thanks to hellish hitch-hiking from the border to Rome that saved me some time – I had three days in Rome, so I decided to return tomorrow and prepared. By the way, if you’re restricted in time, you can buy a kerchief right near the guarded entrance to the Saint-Paul cathedral. They are ordered by local illegal sellers. The price of the question is 5 euros.

St.Paul's cathedral

St.Paul’s is huuuuuge! The biggest cathedra I’ve ever been. Very-very rich – tons of gold, sculptury, paintings, various attributes for religious stuff. Made of gold, as you understand. Unintentionally start to remember all “filthy” stories about Pope’s circle and Catholic church itself and scandalous “Decameron” by Bocacco. With such a power and wealth it couldn’t be different way: human nature. I just don’t like double-facing.

I don't know what was necessary to think about, while touching this man's foot. I made a wish : )

Huge line was to the colonnade of cathedral. I don’t know what special of it – you can have a view on a city from Piazza di Spagnia, another touristic place. It’s a church on a hill, to which a beautiful staircase leads.

Piazza di Spagna

If to walk a little bit further and the the left, you’ll find yourself in a huge park Villa Borgese, with museums, art galleries in it. That was the place, where me and Lusiano spent the last night in Rome, when we decided to leave the apartment of his friends. We left our backpacks on a bus station of Tiburtine (from there was a departure of my bus to Sicilia)– 5 euros per 24 hours. In the park we camped in the middle of the lawn, just in sleeping bags. Night was warm, sleep was deep, and even park cleaners, runners and dog owners with their pets didn’t bother us in the morning.

Pieta - Michelangelo's masterpiece in St.Paul's cathedral

But I’m back to Vatican. The line to the “border” of Vatican took about 20 minutes. Could be less if to come later, at 16-17  o’clock. Like we did on the first day – and didn’t wait at all. There’s no need to cover shoulders , if you are not going to visit the cathedral.

The third wonder of Rome for me is the museum of Vatican. The most expensive museum I’ve ever visited – 15 euros. But ib this price the visit to Sistina capella is included – and that makes it worth it.

Laokoon - remember the myths of Troyan war

Vatican museum’s collection is much smaller than collections of Hermitage and Louvre. It will take you a couple of hours to see all. If you do not spend 30 minutes in Capella Sistina, as I did. Michelangelo’s creation turns upside down. This statement is very subjective, because not all people are so sensitive to art of Renuissance and interested in it. So I speak only for myself.

Michelangelo’s human being are so different from classical canons of the church. His man is strong, physically and mentally. It’s a manifestation of human nature.

It’s prohibited to male photos in Capella. Plenty of guards with frequent “Tssss!” make useless attempts to establish silence.

Another wonder of the museum is Loges di Rafaello. Actually, they were just started by genius artists and finished by his pupils after his death.

Paintings cover several rooms that were used by Pope’s court.

Being rich, be rich in everything : ) dream instruments complect of any worker.

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