About love, men and Marseille

We left Avignon quite late – after six. Just 100 kilometres to Marseille.

Hugo was so nice to drop us to A7 – the national road to Marseille, right to that pleage where we hopped off on way to Avignon.

In five minutes we’re already driven to Marseille. Intelligent woman who picked us up listened to Bach and tried to speak to us English. We passed a huge-huge-enomous port. And drove through the city centre Vieux Port – a big harbor with hell of yachts. Does a paradise look like that?

Vieux Port - the centre of Marseille

The next day we discovered there marine shops – millions of cute and necessary things but sooo expensive! Not cheap to maintain a yacht in the centre of Marseille..

Finally the woman  dropped us to the station we needed – “the place of gathering” of Marseille – station “Notre-Dame-du-Mont”. By foot it would not easy to reach because the square and a church itself are situated on a hill. This square is a place where young people gather for a frink and street artists perform. Streets nearby are full of bars and street art.

At this place my friend Emma suggested to meet. I was really glad to see her! And she really helped me to lighten my bagpack – now I can even walk with it : )

The small port not far from Corniche, picturesque waterfront road.

Through CS emergency group we found a couch – Blaise invited us to stay at his house, a house in two steps from a lovely lagoon. So –

first time in my life I swan in Mediterranean sea! Uuuhhhhoooo! What can I say – it’s turquouse, it’s transparant, it’s beautiful. But sooo salty! I couldn’t even open my eyes when swam back from a small island neaby (of crs, it was necessary to climb it : ) Crabs and jelly fish made me  a company.

Islands of the Frioul archipelago in the Bay of Marseille, accessible by ferry from the Old Port. The prison of Château d'If was the setting for The Count of Monte Cristo, the novel by Alexandre Dumas. Another one has ruins of quarantine hospital.

What can I say about Marseille… Cities are like men for me: I want to fall in love with them… It didn’t happen here.

Marseille reminds me Cape town – huge port, international, lively, surrounded by sea and mountains. I always dreamt about this type of city. But always fell in love with different ones.

The same is with men in my life. I know what kind of person could make me stay, could make me better. But always fall in love with wrong men – and ready to betray myself for them.

The harbour Vallon des Auffes

For this moment only one city occupies my thoughts – you know, it’s Paris. But during this journey I will visit many coastal cities, my “dream” cities. We’ll see if it change something or not.

And, down the line, the city is not an architecture or nature but its people…That’s why Paris will be always in my heart.

Castles and cathedrals of Marseille - the Cathedrale de la Majeure and Fort Jean

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