One love story

Well, the story started from my previous hitch-hiking trip around Europe. After 3 weeks of wandering all around western Europe we were searching for a cheap flight back home. Paris appeared to be this city (choosing between Milano, Zurich and Paris).

Sincerely speaking, I’d never had a wish to visit the capital of France. The reason for that is “pink bubble-gum propaganda” in Russia. “See Paris and die”, “the most romantic city on Earth”. Hundreds of Eiffel tour’s images everywhere. This huge popularity didn’t make Paris attractive to me but opposite.

Anyway, I’m a traveller and love to visit new places. And tickets were cheap as I said  : ) This is how we ended up in Paris…

Tuileries garden

We planned three days, and tickets were booked. But Paris didn’t allow me to go. I gave up my tickets and stayed… for thirty days. Four times I should have to go away but only the last one was “successfull”.

Now I’m back and feel as if nothing has changed between us, me and Paris) This city still makes me happy. Paris is like a beloved person that I want to take with all his virtues and flaws.

I love low quays where trees grow and people spend evenings playing music. Love millions of narrow streets that cross each other under incredible angles – the first days of my stay even a map couldn’t save me from being lost) And yes, I love being lost in Paris. I love sound of music that you can hear everywhere on weekend. I love artistic spirit that is a spirit of Paris himself.

Notre Dame de Paris

I love small Boulangeries Patisseries where I can’t stay calm looking at tastiest cakes. I love  low endless passes of Parisien metro, love sparkling of Tour Eiffel, walking miles around the city, numerous bars where live music is played, summer  festivals every weekend, boats-houses on Seine and wonderful parks.

The band playing on the bridge between Ile St.Louis and Cite

International society of Paris is what I always miss. I admire to be among people of different cultures, appearences, speaking different languages, born on different continents. Rainbow nation : )


And I love Paris for Sacre coeur, a place where I feel myself at home. Where you can find people from all over the world. Where friends play drums and sing African songs. And dances, and hugs, and open eyes and hearts.

I dance only when I happy. Only in Paris I dance because I feel to dance.

Basilique du Sacre Coeur

I can’t express how grateful I am to people whom I know in Paris. They are unique amazing personalities.

And that’s why before my long journey I came to Paris – a place where I’m happy. Following my wind, following my heart.

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