Pere Lachaise cemetery

When there’s no energy to do sightseeing and at the same time relaxing in a park seems waste of time, good option is to go to Pere Lachaise cemetery – “a museum in open air”. I feel there relaxed and entertained at the same time.

Pere Lachaise is huge! Wandering around narrow paths among graves can take hours. Sculptures is a curiosity of Pere Lachaise. Necroromantism in its brightest expression. Diversity of emotions: from sadness to hope.

Tied handsBut for me main attraction of Pere Lachaise cemetery are glass paintings. You can find them in numerous crypts all around the cemetery.

From my previous trip to Paris I have tons of photos of Lachaise’s glass paitings – I was so excited that checked almost every of in a certain part of the cemeter. To look at all of them would take a week of regular visits there.

I loved this one above especially. Mostly because of colours that are perverted on the photo because of glass between us.

I’ve found a couple of paintings that look really modern. As if taken from contemporary art museum. Like this one below.

Pere Lachaise is a last stay of many famous people. Oscar Wirlde, for example. His grave is easily recognized from all others. You’ll understand why : )

People love you, Oscar!

And I love him too! Especially his quotes about women))

“Don’t give a woman advice: one should never give a woman anything she can’t wear in the evening”

So, entering the cemetery, have a look on its map to find a grave – and leave a warm note to buddy Oscar ; )

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