Paris. La Fete de la Musique.

Life law: if everything goes the worst way, relax and smile ‘coz afterwards will be definitely better.

So you won’t be surprised that being stuck at the airport turned to become a nice adventure. I was hungry and asked for exchange for the automat. This is how I met Roberto, Dominican who lives in States. He was travelling in Norway and everywhere made funny photos… with small wooden chair : ) I know many people travelling with toys but a guy with a chair I met the first time in my life! On parisien map we write a message to the dwellers of night Charle-de-Gaulle: “The little chair needs change”. Finally a Chilean girl bought us cookies. Marsella became a third person of our small company.

21.06. – La Fete de la Musique. Evening of this day is full of music of all kinds. Stages and musicians are everywhere. Concerts and parties are held in every bar, on every square. While walking, I was diving from one song to another. Sounds crossed, melodies waved, voices resonate. People gathered around artists, danced and drank. Atmosphere!

In the afternoon I went to Sacre Coeur – the place where I was so happy the last September. Nothing has really changed there. Street artists, many tourists and stunning view of Paris. I met my friends, played drum a little bit, listened to Youri‘s songs. And felt as if hadn’t left Sacre Coeur…

The basilique du Sacre Coeur on top of Montmartre - the center of the world.

My friend Faouzy invited me to the concert of his band Bato Loko in L’Italian style cafe. So this was a place where I ended up on La Fete de la Musique.

Warm evening, sunny music, cheerful people from over the world, dancing salsa – I was at home around 5am : )

So if you like music, parties, dancing – come to Paris on 21 of June, you won’t be disappointed!

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